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The first vegan leather made from potato leaves and hemp fibres

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About us

BATWATEX is a sustainable vegan alternative made from potato leaves and technical hemp fibre. We only use natural and organic components for the production of BATWATEX.

Our main value is sustainability that is reflected in source materials we choose, production and distribution processes. That is why by choosing BATWATEX you can be sure that you brand maintains highest sustainability standards.

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BATWATEX features

Taking the best from the nature. 

Modere Manufactures With Care - Quality


BATWATEX is as durable as natural leather, that is why you can use it for the production of clothes, footwear, bags, interior pieces and car seats.


BATWATEX is not imitating the texture of genuine leather, rather than it is reminding about the nature – it looks like a zoomed in leaf.

Natural dyes

BATWATEX is coloured with natural dyes only. The first 3 available colours are black, burgundy and green. The colour range will be expanded.

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The base is made from plant fibre

covered with biopolymer layer to protect the material from water and dust

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Sewing Leather

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